Cory McElprang

Cory McElprang

Forensic Engineer

Cory is a registered Civil Engineer in the State of Arizona with over 18 years of construction and engineering experience. Shortly after arriving in Arizona in 2005, Cory simultaneously began his career in construction and his education towards becoming a Civil Engineer. He graduated from Arizona State University Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering.

His career began in the field, where he performed geotechnical investigations, construction quality control and assurance, and non-destructive testing throughout Arizona and parts of New Mexico, and Nevada. Cory has performed geotechnical investigations for roadways, bridge foundations, airports, commercial development, residences, levees, landfills, and various other projects. His experience also includes inspection and evaluation of concrete structures, rebar reinforcement, asphalt and concrete pavements, soils, and geotextiles among other construction materials. As his career progressed, Cory became heavily involved in the non-destructive testing of drilled shaft foundations where he worked together with contractors, government agencies, and peers to help progress the technique and understanding within the industry.

As Cory’s managing responsibilities increased, so did his experience with administration of the construction industry. His role as Principal and Project Manager involved everything from modest contract negotiations with individual homeowners to developing safety and logistical plans for infiltration testing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Cory continuously accepted new challenges and pushed himself and those he worked with to strive toward new opportunities and expand the provided services. This pursuit of growth and new experiences led Cory to Ward Cornett & Associates, where he has joined a team that shares his desire to continue learning and growing.

When Cory is not working, he enjoys being outside with any combination of his family, fly rod, gravel bike, or trail runners.